Anorak City setlist


Artboy Meets Artgirl / Moi Caprice
Talk Away,Baby / Jenny On The Planet
Hoy me has dicho hola por primera vez / La Casa Azul
Rockin' Cruise / Citrus
Make Me Sad / The Embassy
Here Come All The Shine / Dizzy Joghurt
Heart and Crosses / Heavenly
Mirame / Vacaciones
Wanna Reach You / Lunchbox
Lotsi Go Go / Throw That Beat!
Word Gets Around / The Hummingbirds
Rise And Shine / Cardigans
Rosanna / The Haywains
In My Eyelid / Dizzy Joghurt

My Sugar Daddy / Ring My Bell
99 is My Lucky Number / Sunnychar
Burst / Darling Buds
Boy / Tippi
Won't Be The Same / Dance Hall Crashers
One Summer / Moss Poles
Nothing To Be Done / The Legends
Nothing To Be Done / Girls In My Pocket
So Sad / The Time Lodgers
Who Loves You / The Pooh Sticks