Labrador 100 tracklist

The Legends, Acid House Kings, Club 8が所属してるからしょうがないといえばしょうがないんだけど、ヨハンの曲が23曲!!!おうぼうレーベルオーナー!!(うそです)
100曲目は、このコンピの為にRadio Dept.が作った曲なのかな?


01 Car, travel far! First Floor Power Lab002
02 This and that Acid House Kings Lab027
03 I’m home Starlet Lab013
04 Missing you Club 8 Lab003
05 C’mon through Lasse Lindh Lab016
06 Ignorance Leslies Lab017
07 I don’t need anyone Club 8 Lab018
08 He loves Anna Waltz for Debbie Lab006
09 Dear friend Leslies Lab015
10 Honey watch that man Los Fancy Free Lab007
11 We’re simple minds Club 8 Lab022
12 Bruised Lasse Lindh Lab014
13 Reflected Ronderlin Lab020
14 Before you went away Airliner Lab009
15 Charlotte Permer Lab008
16 We’re the Acid House Kings Acid House Kings Lab011
17 Once upon a time Waltz for Debbie Lab010
18 Undeserved disgrace Mondial Lab019
19 Everlasting love Club 8 Lab004
20 When sun falls on my feet Starlet Lab021
21 You and me Club8 Lab028
22 Start anew Céleste Lab001
23 Maybe in the next life Cinnamon Lab005
24 Flowers first Waltz for Debbie Lab012
25 Sunday morning Acid House Kings Lab026
26 Against the tide The Radio Dept. Lab035
27 Teenage Tribeca Lab025
28 The great divide Aerospace Lab046
29 Make it all right The Legends Lab042
30 Expired Douglas Heart Lab031
31 Syster dyster [ingenting] Lab057
32 Not today Afraid of Stairs Lab053
33 Sacred heart Laurel Music Lab038
34 Cold hearts Club 8 Lab037
35 She stays at home Ronderlin Lab023
36 A pleasant dream Edson Lab048
37 Love is so cool (that my heart goes boom) Jacqueline Lab045
38 Landmarks and houses Wan Light Lab055
39 Trying to be clever Airliner Lab030
40 The sun always shines on TV Tribeca Lab029
41 Why won’t you talk about it? The Radio Dept. Lab034
42 The Astronauts Wan Light Lab054
43 One last song about you know what Edson Lab049
44 Saturday night engine Club 8 Lab039
45 Smoke screen Douglas Heart Lab036
46 Where damage isn’t already done The Radio Dept. Lab033
47 A question of gender Douglas Heart Lab024
48 Say yes if you love me Acid House Kings Lab032
49 Freedom fighters Wan Light Lab056
50 Go to hell, miss Rydell Pelle Carlberg Lab079
51 Trumpets and violins Suburban Kids with Biblical Names Lab064
52 Deliverance The Radio Dept. Lab068
53 There and back again The Legends Lab043
54 This heart is a stone Acid House Kings Lab075
55 Between the lines Sambassadeur Lab069
56 Gråt inte älskling [ingenting] Lab063
57 Her breasts were still small Tribeca Lab059
58 Funeral Face Suburban Kids with Biblical Names Lab076
59 Die 5times times5 South Ambulance Lab078
60 That grim reality Wan Light Lab072
61 Här kommer solen [ingenting] Lab062
62 When the day is done The Legends Lab044
63 Dreams and lies Laurel Music Lab040
64 Rent a wreck Suburban Kids with Biblical Names Lab052
65 Pulling our weight The Radio Dept. Lab058
66 Always no Douglas Heart Lab067
67 In a dream Corduroy Utd. Lab060
68 Hurray Hanky and Panky Lab065
69 Solitude Tribeca Lab051
70 Do what you wanna do Acid House Kings Lab074
71 And then she flung me the truth Edson Lab050
72 Empty feeling Laurel Music Lab041
73 Daddy’s boy Corduroy Utd. Lab047
74 Call it ours The Legends Lab061
75 Punkdrömmar [ingenting] Lab097
76 The worst taste in music The Radio Dept. Lab080
77 New moon Sambassadeur Lab070
78 Waterfront Irene Lab096
79 Play it for today The Legends Lab091
80 Släpp in solen [ingenting] Lab088
81 I wanna be like Johnny C Loveninjas Lab098
82 Pet grief The Radio Dept. Lab095
83 Heart The Legends Lab093
84 A tasteless offer Pelle Carlberg Lab085
85 Marry me Suburban Kids with Biblical Names Lab077
86 People like us The Legends Lab082
87 Lost The Mary Onettes Lab066
88 Baby I love your way Irene Lab090
89 Will you love me in the morning? Acid House Kings feat Magnus Carlson Lab089
90 Keep your love Loveninjas Lab083
91 Lucky star The Legends Lab092
92 The beehive kid Wan Light Lab073
93 Ice & snow Sambassadeur Lab071
94 He knows the sun The Legends Lab081
95 It’s OK Loveninjas Lab099
96 Little things (that tear us apart) Irene Lab094
97 Riverbank Pelle Carlberg Lab084
98 Today (Phone edit by Les Espions) The Legends Lab086
99 Kate Sambassadeur Lab087
100 We made the team The Radio Dept. Lab100